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Angie Vasquez

Thornhill Real Estate Group

I call Robyn my Social Media Guru! Robyn and her team have been handling all of my social media needs for the past two years. I cannot express how much I love working with Robyn and how great it is to know my social media is working for me all the time. I have people stop me in the grocery store to tell me how much they like my posts! Robyn is always on top of social media changes sending me messages when she needs some fresh, personal content from me, reminding me to take pics or videos at events or has an idea to create some extra engagement. I honestly feel that social media has really aided in the growth of my career and it has become an integral part of my business marketing.

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Alyssa Sallous

Adventures in Homes

Robyn and her team have supported my social media goals and vision. Stoked to work with a team that understands what I am looking for and the voice behind my brand.

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Trish James

Stylezone Fashions and Modern Revival Clothing

It's been almost a year since I brought Socially Robyn on board to help me with my social media. Robyn has doubled my presence on social media and given me so many great tips!! As we all know, running a business is what you do best and hire out for what you don't excel in. Robyn is so savvy at what she does, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!!!!!

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Larina Bouwman

Sun Life Financial Advisor at Vocari Financial

I have been working with Socially Robyn since first being introduced to her in 2015. Our relationship started with her managing my Facebook page. She did a great job in growing my audience and keeping them engaged. After attending one of Robyn’s social media workshops, I was inspired to try creating some posts myself. Robyn suggested that I write my own posts and work with her on monthly campaign strategies. I now sit with Robyn monthly to brainstorm posts, I write the posts, and Robyn handles how to attract new business through the timing of posts, hashtag updates, and general feedback on keeping my look fresh and up to date. I am always updated on things “new” to social media, and our monthly consulting and strategy sessions always result in a new direction that brings new business my way.

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Nate Kelly

Nate Solutions

Socially Robyn has been handling all of our social media needs for the past 3 years now, starting it from nothing and growing it to what it is today. They stay on top of the ever changing world of social media and come up with posts that keep our audience engaged. They always seem to be one step ahead of the game! We know that 10% of our leads comes from social media. I highly recommend Robyn and her team.

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