Aerial Photography & Videography

From remote resort locations, lifestyle to urban land developments, industrial, construction, oil & gas projects and beyond. Capture your business and/or projects from above in a safe and cost-effective way.

With over 6 years of drone operation experience, we fly under a Pilot certificate – Advanced Operation and operate within Transport Canada’s and Nav Canada’s regulations.

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Full Marketing Management

Let us function as your off-site marketing team. The Socially Robyn & Co team takes on select marketing management projects where we project manage your entire marketing program. We help you develop your marketing budget, put together the strategies and action plans, coordinate implementation and makes sure that things get done – on time, and on budget.  Our team takes care of everything from managing your website, Google SEO + Adwords campaigns, social media management, event marketing, email marketing, graphic design, print, radio + TV media, etc.

Our team has the experience to project manage the marketing for various types and sizes of businesses and organizations. We’ve been known to blow up an entrepreneur’s exposure to where they can’t even walk through the local grocery store without being recognized. We’ve overhauled a business’s marketing and re-launched them to the public to where they’ve had to hire more employees to keep up with demand. We’ve sold out events in record time and filled arena stands with 4000+ spectators! We’ve even run political campaigns.

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Instagram 1:1 Coaching Sessions

You’re a hands-on entrepreneur, and you have a desire to learn how to manage your own social media effectively – AWESOME! Sit down with Socially Robyn in-person or via video call to brainstorm to learn everything you need to know about marketing your business on Instagram! During these sessions, we go over key “need-to-knows” such as; how to set-up you profile correctly, how to attract real and engaging followers, how to use your Instagram Insights to know when and what to post, what relatable and effective content is, how hashtags work and why you need them, how to create Instagram stories that engage your audience, setting up a content strategy, choosing the right scheduling program for you, updates on the latest platform changes and the newest digital trends, and much, much more.



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Social Media Group Workshops

Social media platforms and trends change often, and it takes time to stay up to date. Instead of having your team spend their valuable time trying to figure out the ins and outs and why engagement has dropped yet again, have Socially Robyn, herself, come in and inform them about the latest changes, review the insights, help put together new strategies and help them get re-inspired!

We also host workshops open to the public from time-to-time. Stay up to date on upcoming social media workshops on our Facebook page here.

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Event Marketing Management

There are so many fine details that go into pulling off an event. Take some of the weight off your shoulders and let us fully manage your event marketing – from strategy to execution we’ve got you covered. The Socially Robyn & Co team has experience in working with various media outlets and platforms from TV & radio campaigns to digital and print.

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Social Media Management

As we know, social media offers some of the best ROI on your marketing efforts and provides the benefit of easily measured results. However, do you have time to post as often as you need to, in order to generate new leads and followers while also keeping your audience engaged? This is where we come in. When you work with the Socially Robyn & Co team, you can focus on what you do best while we focus on all areas of your social media marketing! We promise that after your first meeting with us, you’ll walk away feeling relieved, excited, and inspired to finally have your social media working for you.

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Google SEO/Adwords

Business Strategy

Web & Graphic Design


Business Financing & Budgeting



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